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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This solution was intended to organize the activity of field representatives. Consists of multiple processes specific to field representatives that cover the whole spectrum of activities on all timeframes (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly). CRM solutions help companies manage customer relationships through marketing, observing relationships as they mature through distinct phases, and managing these relationships at each stage.


 The representatives work to increase the awareness and use of the company’s products by building and maintaining positive working relationships with medical staff


The company operates in the pharma industry and has representatives in multiple countries. The pharma industry is highly regulated, and companies must follow codes of interaction with healthcare professionals

Track the performance

Helps medical representatives schedule their doctor visits, manages doctor details and their appointments, order punch-in, reminders and alerts and much more.
Key features include:

  • Identifying the new businesses and adding the data – Doctors, Medical Stores, Hospitals, Institutions
  • Organizing appointments and meetings with Doctors, Pharmacies, Distributors
  • Monthly Travel Plan submission
  • Anytime and anyplace submission of DCR (Daily Calling Report)
  • Data entry of the Demonstrating products or Detailing medicines to Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists
  • Streamlining the sales process effectively
  • Provides the complete tracking of Doctor Visits and Dealers Visits
  • Issues of the Samples managed easily
  • Monthly & Daily Expense reports submission and managed.
  • Saving the stationery and courier costs
  • Raises sales force performance of Representatives
  • Complete Sales Process gets more transparency

Enter visit reports in just a few clicks to save time to better focus the main tasks.

Generate personalized tour schedules for representatives.

Keep an eye on the representatives performance, thanks to dashboards that display KPIs (number of visits per day/cycle, feedback from each visit, etc.) in order to identify the medical representative who perform best.

Allow your representatives to track performance indicators (KPIs) on their visits through customized dashboards to track their goals at every turn, from their smartphones.

Thanks to the electronic document management (E.D.M) all your documents and documents will be saved on the software, you will forget about the lost time of searching for documents and eliminate paperwork.


Complex healthcare environment

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, and CRM systems must comply with relevant regulations to protect patient information and maintain trust.

Design of care processes

The design of care processes is a significant dimension that affects the success of CRM systems in healthcare

Behaviour of service personnel

The behaviour of service personnel, such as medical representatives, can also impact the effectiveness of CRM systems in healthcare. We delivered comprehensive training, phased implementation, consistent data hygiene practices, and rigorous performance tracking

Data privacy and security

Prioritizing data privacy and security is also crucial to protect patient information and maintain trust. Implementing CRM systems must be done in compliance with data protection regulations, such as HIPAA in the United States, which can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

Our Approach​

Agile methodology

We adopted an agile working approach for efficient project execution. the most important features were prioritized, and work was executed in 2-week sprint cycles.

User experience

Any solution should focus on usability and aesthetics. We started by mapping user journeys in form of mockups. With few brain–storming sessions with the usability experts and client, the user journeys were finalized, and UI designs were created. This ensured that the development process ran smoothly.


We have strict quality measure of the runtime system health. In order to prevent unforeseen situations where the system does not behave properly. Monitoring system is in place thanks to tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, Loki. Also we use Azure App Insights and setup alerts to find and catch the errors quickly.

Cloud implementation

The data and system were hosted on the cloud for proper automation support, as the client can scale resources whenever necessary

Numbers speak

decrease of time required for representatives to report daily activity
application availability on web and mobile
decrease in missed appointments