IT strategy

We reunite both worlds. We are a mix of IT consulting company with an IT service provider.


Provide strategic advice and guidance to help our customers effectively use technology to meet their goals and objectives. We assist in areas such as IT strategy, digital transformation, and technology roadmaps.


We can implement the recommended solutions, bringing ideas to life. We can handle complex technical tasks, including custom software development, involving a range of modern technologies.


Our success exists only when our customers are successful. For this we need to make sure that our solutions remains valuable on the long run. We provide ongoing support with SLAs.

Understanding is key

ensure all stakeholders have the same understanding

One of the most important elements that is often overlooked, is that each stakeholder in the client’s team must really understand the value delivered by a consultant.

We take special care of explaining in detail:

  • how the technology actually works under the cover
  • different moving parts of our proposed solutions
  • return on investment

Frequently Asked Questions

some ideas of what to expect when engaging with the company

A typical consultation process in IT strategy consulting involves three phases.

Strategy Analysis: This phase involves understanding the challenges you are facing, your goals, the time frame for the project, and who the participants are. Tools like stakeholder analysis, STEEPLE analysis, Five-Forces Model, and competitor analysis can be used for internal and external analysis

Strategy Formulation: Based on the findings from the strategic analysis, a plan for the strategy formulation is developed. The goal is to verify the developed strategic options and the company’s generic strategy, and finally, select the best strategic option to lead your company to a successful future.

Strategy Implementation: This phase involves developing and formulating strategic goals that can be operationalized in the day-to-day business. Action plans are developed, including a detailed description of the goal with the current and targeted state, a deadline by which the target must be attained, the goal’s business context, and who is responsible for what

The duration of an IT consultant’s engagement in a project can vary significantly based on the scope and complexity of the project. On average, strategic consulting engagements last three months, but they can run anywhere from one to six months

The cost of hiring an IT consultant can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project, the consultant’s expertise, and the duration of the engagement.

The cost is often customized and tailored to each client based on what they hope to accomplish, the complexity of the work, what they already have in place, and the resources they have available.

It’s crucial to understand customer business objectives and the specific results in target to be achieved.

We make sure the customer can benefit from technological transformation or development. We can deal with the rapidly evolving technology landscape and support our customers expansion plans.

The cost of hiring a consultant can be viewed as an investment towards improving the company’s financial health and competitiveness.

We provide strategic and technical solutions that can help optimize costs, enhance operational efficiency, and keep the company competitive in the digital landscape.

Enable the client to respond swiftly to changing conditions without worrying about hiring new employees or reducing the size of internal teams.